Natheo Natural Skincare Camellia Cleansing Oil
Protective Day Cream


NATHEO Natural Skincare products are designed with my main skin care aims in mind:

  • To balance the skin, maintaining hydration levels without blocking pores.
  • To protect the skin from environmental stressors with high levels of natural antioxidants.
  • To improve skin texture and tone so that the skin has a healthy glow, whatever your time of life.
  • To uplift & balance your mood as well as enhancing your skin. The health of your skin is linked to the health of your mind, so NATHEO products are fragranced with thoughtfully designed essential oil blends. 
  • To be simple to use and multi-tasking where possible, so that your skin care routine is effective without taking too much time.

We are always busy and time seems to fly by faster every year…  We are developing or changing our careers, perhaps starting a new business.  We are caring for our children, pets and partners as well as our parents.  We rely on our friends to keep us sane. Hormonal changes, stress and sleep deprivation wreak havoc on our skin and hair (not to mention our bodies and our moods…!), and therefore we worry about deepening fine lines and dry skin whilst sometimes still suffering from large pores and blemishes.  We care about what we are putting on our skin but we don’t always have time to fully research it.  We don’t have hours to spend alone in the bathroom, we need multi-tasking natural skin care products that are simple to use, yet luxurious in feel and uplifting in scent, packed with high-performance, plant-derived active ingredients.

The vast range of skin care products available to choose from today is bewildering in its size and complexity. The skin care range “NATHEO by Julia Reed” has taken years of study, research, careful formulation and experimentation to bring you a simple, effective, yet totally natural and luxurious skin care routine, designed to fit into your hectic schedule and bring out the best in your skin.

Julia’s Story – The Birth of NATHEO Natural Skincare

Julia Reed, Founder of NATHEO Natural Skincare
Formula Botanica Graduate badge

“A fully qualified Chartered Accountant, I gave up a busy career entailing 50 percent international travel to bring up my two sons.  A life-long lover of skincare & beauty products, I first started to think about creating my own natural skin care products because I wanted to reduce the number of artificial ingredients I applied to my skin.  I loved trying different skin care products but found that my skin sometimes suffered from breakouts of spots or patches of dry skin.  On looking at some natural skincare ranges I was disappointed that the texture and/or scent failed to live up to the premium brands I had been using, or I found that some so-called natural products contained ingredients that I would rather avoid.

I enrolled with Formula Botanica, internationally-renowned organic skincare school, and studied for their Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation.  Here I started my journey to create gorgeous skincare products from natural vegetable oils and butters and plant extracts.  I also discovered more natural or more skin-friendly versions of ingredients such as preservatives and emulsifiers, and began to learn the art of combining essential oils to produce wonderful, beneficial & truly natural fragrances.  Studying with Formula Botanica encouraged me to do lots of research into natural skincare ingredients and formulations and I started to create all my own skincare products.

With more research and experimentation, I discovered that it really was possible to create beauty products with a luxurious feel and fragrance from nature’s finest ingredients that didn’t irritate my skin and actually significantly improved its texture and appearance.  I loved the formulations I was coming up with and had great feedback from family and friends, so I decided to bring my products to the market as NATHEO Natural Skincare, a name inspired by my two young sons.

I really hope you enjoy using NATHEO Natural Skincare products as much as I enjoy creating and using them myself.”

Julia xx