Finding The Right Products For You

Why do I offer a shop with confidence guarantee? From personal experience I know that it can be so hard to find the right products to suit your skin. Everyone is unique and your skin is part of this uniqueness.  I have worked hard to ensure that NATHEO oils, lotions and creams are packed full of hydrating, anti-oxidant, plant-derived ingredients that moisturise and rejuvenate your skin without blocking pores.  I use ingredients that are gentle to the skin and non-irritating, but I realise that skins can be sensitive to lots of different things.

Shop With Confidence Guarantee: Get Your Money Back if The Product Doesn’t Suit Your Skin!

I’m confident that you’ll see the difference after using NATHEO Natural Skincare products for just a short while.  So, I would love you to try NATHEO Natural Skincare products with the reassurance that if they don’t suit your skin you can return them to swap them for something else or for a full refund.

Sometimes you’ll know straight away that a product is not right for you, but other times it can take longer.  Unless you have a reaction to a product, I encourage you to stick with a new skincare product for at least a month whilst the skin cells renew, allowing the new product time to work.  NATHEO products are sized so that the smaller option will give you at least one month’s worth of daily usage.

Therefore, I offer you up to 45 days to try a new product and if it’s not right for you, please email (including your order reference) for details on how to return the product to us for exchange or refund.