Plant oils v Paraffin/Petroleum in Skin Care Products

Your skin is a protective barrier that interacts with water, soaps, chemicals and weather conditions on a daily basis.  This exposure can affect the skin’s appearance, potentially leading to sensitive, dry and chapped skin.

Many large companies produce inexpensive skin care creams and lotions using mineral oil, paraffin or petroleum derivatives as the main fatty ingredients.  The role of these ingredients in “moisturising” products is to coat the skin to prevent trans-epidermal water loss, therefore making the skin appear more hydrated.  However, whilst these ingredients create a barrier, they can block pores, suppressing the normal function of the skin.  The primary reason they are used in production is the low cost.

NATHEO products never use such ingredients.  We love oils extracted from plants, which perform the same role in preventing trans-epidermal water loss, but also bring many nutrients to benefit the skin.  Pure cold-pressed plant oils have natural protective properties that can help your skin maintain its balance.

Plant oils are emollient (softening).  They are rich in essential fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins, plant sterols, and carotenoids, all of which help skin to repair itself and protect elasticity.  They also help the skin to maintain its protective barrier.

NATHEO products combine the best quality cold-pressed plant oils to suit the purpose of the product, bringing many benefits to your skin.

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