What are hydrosols?

Hydrosols, also called Floral/Flower Waters or Hydrolates, are the pure water-based solutions created when essential oils are steam distilled.  The word is derived from the Latin hydro, meaning “water”, and sol, meaning “solution”.  During distillation, a small portion of the beneficial aromatic compounds from the plant is actually dissolved into the distillation water.  Hydrosols are considered by aromatherapists to be a gentler form of aromatherapy.

NATHEO’s Rose & Pomegranate Hydrating Mist harnesses the benefits of three organic hydrosols rose, geranium and melissa, together with other plant-based active ingredients to hydrate and rejuvenate skin.

Rose hydrosol smells wonderfully of fresh roses.  It is a good humectant, so adds and helps retain moisture to the skin.  Rose is cooling and very mildly astringent, so makes a good skin toner and is very refreshing when spritzed onto the skin throughout the day.

Melissa (Lemon Balm) hydrosol is a good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, and therefore is helpful in maintaining the beauty of skin and helping to calm sensitive skin.

Geranium hydrosol is very helpful in balancing the skin.  It is a humectant, attracting and retaining water in the skin, anti-inflammatory and cooling.


Sources of Information:  Hydrosols the Next Aromatherapy (2001) by Susan Catty


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